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Comedy Consultant Gail Stocker Launches New Boomer Humor Section on ComedyContact.com

Comedy consultant Gail Stocker, founder of the Los Angeles-based comedy consulting firm Gail A. Stocker Presents, recently commented on Robin Williams’ new show, The Crazy Ones.

“I did enjoy it, as did a lot of Americans. But here’s what I noticed: I watched the credits….and all of the people involved in the show have a history of excellence. They’ve been in the business for years and there’s something to be said for that sort of precision and professionalism and excellence,” Stocker explained.

In fact, Stocker recently established a new Boomer Humor section on her website, ComedyContact.com, where she profiles some of the top comics in the industry. These are comedians who have been working as entertainers for decades and the delight and humor that they can bring to an event is simply unmatched.

Unlike agents, who will refer you to an entertainer who’s one of their clients (not necessarily the best comedian for your audience), comedy consultants like Gail Stocker specialize in providing event planners with the best entertainer for their event and their audience.

Described as “kind of an icon,” Stocker has worked in the entertainment industry for decades and through her work, she’s forged connections with hundreds of the world’s best entertainers. What’s more, she’s familiar with each entertainer’s unique style, their performance requirements and other important points to consider when selecting a comedian, motivational speaker or another type of entertainer for your event.

Comedians are not a one-size-fits-all entertainment solution; it’s essential to select a comic who has an approach that will match your unique audience and the overall tone of your event, whether it’s a corporate party, a launch party, an anniversary or retirement celebration or a private event, such as a wedding or private party.

Call Stocker’s firm, Gail A Stocker Presents, at 323-654-4015 or visit Stocker’s website — and don’t forget to visit the Boomer Humor section — at ComedyContact.com.

Top Boomer Humor Hosts to Book

They say the best way to keep the years away is to laugh every day. This is true as baby boomers will surely feel youthful after laughing out loud with the top boomer humor hosts of the country.

For so many years now, stand-up comedians have been entertaining and bringing crisp sound of laughter to boomers. The country has hundreds to thousands of these performers, some are professionals while others are seasonal. When you feel the need to make your boomer laugh hard so they can somehow forget their worries about getting old, then you may be interested to know the top boomer humor hosts who can tickle the funny bones of your boomer.

Before anything else, these humor hosts and entertainers have lots of experience in the industry. They have spent years making boomers laugh and problem-free. Most of them appeared on TV shows and movies while others are writers and have published books about laughter and baby boomers. Here are some of the top boomer humor hosts to book:

Drew Carey is an American comedian, actor, host of a game show and sports executive. He served in the US Marine Corp and he made a name in the world of Comedy and he eventually became popular when he starred in The Drew Carey Show which is his own sitcom. He also appeared in different films, music videos, television series and computer game. He is the host of The Price is Right game show since 2007. His interests include photography and sports.

Dana Carvey is an American stand-up comedian and actor who is known best for his work as a member of the case of Saturday Night Live and he played the role of Garth in Wayne’s World movies.

Bill Engvall Jr. is an American actor and comedian most popular as a part of the Blue Collar Comedy group and for his work as a stand-up comic. He worked with Ron White, Jeff Foxworthy and Larry the Cable Guy. He hosted in different game shows and appeared in several magazines as well.

George Lopez is an American actor, comedian and talk show host. He is very famous for starring in the sitcom of ABC network, George Lopez. As a stand-up comedian, he examines race as well as ethnic relations which include the Mexican America Culture. He hosted the late night talk show on TBS known as Lopez Tonight until it was cancelled on August 12, 2011.

Kevin Nealon is an American comedian, actor who is known best as a member of the case of Saturday Night Live for almost ten years. He acted in most of the Happy Madison films and played Doug Wilson on Weeds, a Showtime series. He was the voice behind the title character Glenn Martin.

With so much experience in the comic scene, these hosts never disappoint boomers when it comes to giving them 100% fun, laughter and entertainment. Their comic lines never fade with time and they always have something new and interesting to offer.

Top Boomer Humor Comedians to Book

Boomers are never too old to laugh. After fifty, there is so much laughter to experience. Many comedy shows have emerged and people who have been in the business of making boomers laugh hard are increasing in numbers. They just know the technique to make boomers laugh and have fun.

Boomer comedians can address the biggest demographic in the country and they have lots of experience after coming out of the different shows meant to offer laughter to baby boomers. Shows for boomer humor are made up of legendary stand-up comics and experts who take on love, life, aging, and negotiating the fine lines between sleep and sex. Boomers nowadays are lucky enough to see these legendary comics.

Here is a list of the Top Boomer Humor Comedians to Book:

Lewis Niles Black is an American author, social critic, actor, playwright and stand-up comedian. He is famous for his style of comedy that usually includes stimulating mental breakdown or increasingly angry rant, politics, trends, religion and many others. He became a host of the Comedy Central Series known as Lewis Black’s Root of All Evil. He also performs regularly on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Tim Allen is an American actor, comedian, entertainer and voice over artist and he is famous for his role in Home Improvement. He is known as well for starring roles in many popular films such as The Santa Claus film series, Toy Story film series and Galaxy Quest. He is currently starring in the Last Man Standing, an ABC sitcom.

Bill Maher is an American TV host, stand-up comedian, author, actor and political commentator. He is known for his political satire as well as sociopolitical commentary targeting a wide swath of topics such as politics, religion, mass media and many others. He is also a religion critic and advisory member of the board, Project Reason.

Rita Rudner is an American writer, actress and comedienne. She appeared in many television shows in the UK and US. She also appeared regularly on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson.

Jeff Foxworthy is an American TV and radio personality, comedian and author. He is famous for his ‘you might be a redneck’ headliners. Foxworthy is a part of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour along with Ron White, Larry the Cable Guy and Bill Engvall. He made many ventures into the TV and became a star of the sitcom The Jeff Foxworthy Show. He appeared as well in several television specials of Blue Collar along with Larry the Cable Guy and Engvall. He hosted nationally syndicated role in the radio known as The Foxworthy Countdown for ten years.

These comedians have established their names in the comic industry and they never fail to bring laughter especially to baby boomers. These experts have so many tricks on their sleeves and they are full of laughter surprises every time they perform and they will surely offer a lot of laughter out of their pockets each time they deliver their famous lines.

Booking Boomer Humor

Boomers, after so many years of working throughout their lives deserve to sit back, relax and laugh. Many stand-up comics represent humor of the boomers, from the popular, to the working professional and most major comedy starts are members of the generation of boomer humor.

Boomer humor comics are great as they have lots of experience and most importantly, they do not cost much. Most of them have been in the business for years. They can handle any situation with self-confidence. They possess a lot of lateral skills which include universal material that works for any group and occasion. Even if they have been funny for quite a while, they still are young enough to make boomers laugh. They are not just inspirational, but motivational as well as they can depict that boomer humor never gets old.

Experienced boomer humor comics can play to any audience no matter what their size or specific interests are by it sports, politics and popular culture. They fit to any occasion. If you have a boomer loved one you want to give a treat for a moment full of laughter, then you should know first the comedians who can tickle the funny bones of your boomer loved one.

Here is a list of comedians who have years of experience in giving fun and laughter to boomers.

Jeff Cesario – He is an amusing commentator on the eccentricities of life. His performance is based on target observational humor that highlights reality, common sense and simplicity.

Mack Dryden – He is the right person you should call when a group wants message with their merriment.

Wayne Federman – He is an actor, writer and comedian based in Los Angeles. He regularly performs in The Tonight Show with Jay Leno but he is also seen in comedy clubs and colleges all over the country.

Jeffrey Jena – In his younger years, he is known as the class clown. He’s got a lot of things to offer when it comes to boomer humor because of his wealth of experience.

Cathy Ladman – She is one of the top comedians of the country and his show is self-probing that draws laughter through exposure of natural neurosis.

Carol Leifer – She is an acclaimed stand-up comedian, producer and writer who paved a variety of paths in the field where there is not so many female comedians ventured.

Jack Mayberry – He started doing comedy at a very early age on the road.

Tom McTigue – After his arrival in the city of Los Angeles from Seattle, he immediately became immersed in the national comedy scene as he performs on HBO and Showtime as well as other comedy shows.

Karen Mills – She is known as a comic on the move.

Kelly Monteith – She devoted 25 years of her life as a comedian.

Greg Otto – He offers slightly off kilter perspective delivered with sarcasm that is gentle. For 22 years now, he has been making a lot of people laugh.

There are so many boomer humor comedians to book and they can surely bring out the laugh lines of your boomers.