Booking Boomer Humor

Boomers, after so many years of working throughout their lives deserve to sit back, relax and laugh. Many stand-up comics represent humor of the boomers, from the popular, to the working professional and most major comedy starts are members of the generation of boomer humor.

Boomer humor comics are great as they have lots of experience and most importantly, they do not cost much. Most of them have been in the business for years. They can handle any situation with self-confidence. They possess a lot of lateral skills which include universal material that works for any group and occasion. Even if they have been funny for quite a while, they still are young enough to make boomers laugh. They are not just inspirational, but motivational as well as they can depict that boomer humor never gets old.

Experienced boomer humor comics can play to any audience no matter what their size or specific interests are by it sports, politics and popular culture. They fit to any occasion. If you have a boomer loved one you want to give a treat for a moment full of laughter, then you should know first the comedians who can tickle the funny bones of your boomer loved one.

Here is a list of comedians who have years of experience in giving fun and laughter to boomers.

Jeff Cesario – He is an amusing commentator on the eccentricities of life. His performance is based on target observational humor that highlights reality, common sense and simplicity.

Mack Dryden – He is the right person you should call when a group wants message with their merriment.

Wayne Federman – He is an actor, writer and comedian based in Los Angeles. He regularly performs in The Tonight Show with Jay Leno but he is also seen in comedy clubs and colleges all over the country.

Jeffrey Jena – In his younger years, he is known as the class clown. He’s got a lot of things to offer when it comes to boomer humor because of his wealth of experience.

Cathy Ladman – She is one of the top comedians of the country and his show is self-probing that draws laughter through exposure of natural neurosis.

Carol Leifer – She is an acclaimed stand-up comedian, producer and writer who paved a variety of paths in the field where there is not so many female comedians ventured.

Jack Mayberry – He started doing comedy at a very early age on the road.

Tom McTigue – After his arrival in the city of Los Angeles from Seattle, he immediately became immersed in the national comedy scene as he performs on HBO and Showtime as well as other comedy shows.

Karen Mills – She is known as a comic on the move.

Kelly Monteith – She devoted 25 years of her life as a comedian.

Greg Otto – He offers slightly off kilter perspective delivered with sarcasm that is gentle. For 22 years now, he has been making a lot of people laugh.

There are so many boomer humor comedians to book and they can surely bring out the laugh lines of your boomers.

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